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W-inds 10th Anniversary Best Album -We Dance for Everyone-[WAV|lossless|無損]

Autumn in 2000, their history began from their street live in Yoyogi. The buzz quickly spread by the word of mouth drawing 8000 people in Shibuya for an event held right before their debut. They made their long-awaited debut on Mar 14th in 2001 with “Forever memories”. They topped the Oricon chart with their 1st album “1st message” released on Dec 17, 2001 followed by various awards home and abroad. The sales of their music-related pieces so far amount for approx. 3.8 million CDs. They have topped the Oricon Single/Album charts 6 times and 10 times for the Oricon music DVD chart. They have held about 400 solo lives up until now and have drawn the total of 1 million people. Now both in reality and name, they have grown to a dance vocal group that has established a permanent place in Asia. This year, in 2011 that falls on their 10th anniversary from the debut, they are releasing a best album that compiles songs from their singles, popular songs from their albums and unreleased songs, categorizing them by genres of DANCE-BEST and POP-BEST. The album literally compiles w-inds. 10-year history.

01 Paradox (3rd single)
02 Love you anymore
03 try your emotion (4th single)
04 Because of you (6th single)
05 NEW PARADISE (7th single)
06 Break Down, Build Up
07 SUPER LOVER~I need you tonight~(8th single)
08 W.O.L. (Wonder Of Love)
09 キレイだ (12th single)
10 song 4 U
11 IT’S IN THE STARS (18th single)
12Back At One
13 ブギウギ66 (20th single)
14 Want ya

02 Beautiful Life (23rd single)
03 I’m a Man
04 CAN’T GET BACK (25th Double-A-single)
05 Rain Is Fallin’ (26th single)
06 HYBRID DREAM (26th Double-A-single)
07 New World (27th single)
08 Truth~最後の真実~(27th Double-A-single)
09 Addicted to Love (28th single)
10 Let’s get it on(29th Double-A-single)
11 Nothing Is Impossible
12 Some More
13 You make me crazy (初回盤のみ)
14 SWEAR DOWN (初回盤のみ)

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  1. catherney

    从hunterXhunter开始听w-inds的歌,曲风清新让人回味绵长,每次想到总会哼几段。 😀