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Nine Muses(나인뮤지스) – Wild[FLAC|無損]

專輯名稱: Nine Muses Mini Album Vol. 2 – Wild
歌手名稱: Nine Muses
推出日期: 2013-05-13
語言: 韓語

年初推出第二張單曲《Dolls》的Nine Muses,乘勢帶來迷你二輯。主打歌「Wild」是由作曲家Sweetune打造的Club Music,九妞將會以性感誘人的形象登場。


01. Spotlight
02. 와일드(Wild)
03. Action
04. 휴지조각
05. 사는사람
06. 와일드(Wild) Inst.

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  1. srkny

    I was interested in GyungRi and this group to hear the song : Wild.
    “Wild” is amazing!!!
    By the way I’m looking for the following album.
    Nine muses – Let’s have a party
    My favorite song is “Give me”.
    This song is also included in the OST “Prosecutor Princess “.
    There is not these album in this site, is there?

  2. Victor

    After dolls, i think they have a trend to grown up
    This time song is good , dence is good image also good
    This time have good performance.
    But there are a lot of strong competitor.
    They are not easy. But i think they become improve.

  3. 慕慕

    很有个性的音乐。从刚开始听到Give me,就一直很喜欢。感觉现在的音乐比起刚开始又进步了不少呢。。非常喜欢。。。会一直关注的