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Jay Park(박재범|樸宰範) – New Breed(Red Edition)[FLAC|無損]

藝人: Jay Park
語種: 韓語
唱片公司: Universal Music
發行時間: 2012年09月05日
專輯類別: 錄音室專輯
專輯風格: 流行說唱 Pop Rap, 流行舞曲 Dance-Pop, 節奏布魯斯 R&B

共收錄21首歌曲,包括正規一輯《New Breed》中的15首歌曲,1首 Know Your Name(acoustic ver.) ,3首英文版歌曲 Girl Friend[Eng] I Love You[Eng] Know Your Name[Eng]


1.New Breed (Intro)
2.Know Your Name (feat. Dok2)
4.Up And Down (feat. Dok2)
5.I Love You (feat. Dynamic Duo)
7.I Got Your Back
8.별 (Star)
9.놀러와 (Come On Over)
10.전화기를 꺼놔 (Turn Off Your Phone)
11.너 없이 안돼 (I Can’t Be Without You) [Acoustic Version]
12.AOM & 1llionaire (feat. The Quiett & Dok2)
13.Enjoy The Show (feat. Dok2 & The Quiett)
14.갔어 (Wasted) [feat. Bizzy]
15.Clap (feat. Tiger JK & Tasha)
16: Girlfriend (English Version)
17: I Love You (English Version)
18: Carefree
19: Know Your Name (English Version)
20: Body2Body
21: Know Your Name (Acoustic Version)

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